Since its beginnings, Mozilla Slovenija has been a group of 3-5 people, bringing the values of Mozilla to the sunny side of the Alps. Things started changing at the end of last year, as Brian beautifully documented in his blog. So I’m happy to report that we increased the number of members in less than 3 months from 3 to 30.

Without sounding like Apple, this means 900% growth!

Mozilla Slovenija has never been even remotely as strong as it is today, so we recently held our very first all-day community meetup at the cosy Astina offices in Ljubljana (thank you for hosting us!). The rationale was to help new contributors learn about and start contributing to Mozilla. My talks were about Mozilla and why should one get involved and Localization at Mozilla and why it matters.

We even had Firefox OS-inspired name tags – a joint effort of Matej, Rok and Peter.

I’m glad to see so many talented people joining the effort of spreading the values of Mozilla. We got new people working on localization, design, system administration, development, marketing, support etc. And something tells me that the best is yet to come.