BrowserID is an innovative approach to identity developed at Mozilla. Users are currently insecure, because they use a separate login for each site, but often use the same password. Systems such as Facebook Connect try to address this issue, but they leak private information about visited sites back to Facebook. So BrowserID is here to save the World.

But how can it save the whole World, if it’s only available in English? Well, not anymore. In less than three weeks, our volunteer localizers have translated BrowserID to 29 locales (English included)! This is more than Firefox 1.0 was available in, which clearly shows the importance of BrowserID inside Mozilla community.

What language is this?

BrowserID is the first project I’m driving localization for and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome so far.

So how does BrowserID work?

When you create a BrowserID account, you’re sent a verification email that lets BrowserID know that you really own that email address. Then when you use BrowserID to log into a website, the website is given your email address and told that you really do own it but they are never given your BrowserID password.

What are the benefits of using BrowserID?

  • You can use one easy-to-remember log in for all sites that support BrowserID.
  • You never have to trust a website with your password because they never know it.
  • Your password can’t be stolen if one of those websites gets hacked.
  • BrowserID doesn’t track your activity on the websites you visit (privacy policy).

I’m sold, can I give it a try?