Last week we celebrated Firefox 10 release in Kiberpipa. I gave a talk on Pontoon and presented the Firefox, Developer tools, Mobile, Apps and Identity roadmaps for 2012.

I used DZSlides for the first time and it seems like the best HTML-based slide template out there. All of the code resides in one HTML file, so it’s really easy to use, but the best part are the shells. A Shell is a web page that embeds a presentation and adds a feature to it. For example, embedder shell adds controls and allows you to easily share your slides on a blog:

The other example is presenter display, which shows the current and the next slide, a clock and the notes, but also pops up another window that you put on the projector. Presenter display was the last bit that was keeping me from fully switching to HTML-based slides and now it’s here. w00t!

To collaborate on slides with Life of Brian, we used It allows you to easily create web pages using Etherpad technology and preview them instantly. Since DZSlides are basically web pages, you can collaborate on them this way, too. Beat that, Keynote!