I had a pleasure to spend the last weekend with bunch of smart people in Zagreb. Mozilla community in the country where Nikola Tesla was born is very young and ambitious, so they decided to start planning their activities for this year with a two-day community meeting.

Croats also wanted to learn from other communities about their activities, marketing projects, events, localization efforts etc., so they also invited Ioana from Romania, Oskar from Serbia and Brian and me from Slovenia.

With most of the members only joining the Croatian community last year, Brian and me tried to provide them with deeper understanding of Mozilla mission and our plans for the future. We presented various opportunities for contribution Mozilla offers. Check out our slides.

Being a localization driver, I also spoke about the importance of localization, what do we localize, where can people find documentation, what tools do we use and of course I couldn’t avoid demoing Pontoon.

Looking back, I can say I’ve spent two wonderful days in Zagreb, I’ve met a lot of clever people and I’ve got many interesting questions from them. But none of this would have happened without Nikola, this time Matosović (not Tesla).

This guy is a true Mozillian, who not only revived Mozilla community in Croatia with dozens of members joining in a couple of months, but also proved to be a superb event organiser. Many thanks to him personally and to his team for all the effort they are making!

On my way home I got caught by a police radar. But that could not even partly ruin my general impression, that Croatian community has a great potential for spreading the idea of open web all the way from Čakovec to Hvar.