Exactly 10 years ago I became active Mozilla contributor. It started with this email I sent to the Slovenian Linux user group on July 12, 2002 looking for people working on Mozilla Application Suite localization to Slovenian. This is what my email says:

I’d like to know if someone is already working on localizing Mozilla to Slovenian. I think the project is important enough to be made available in Slovenian. If nobody is localizing it yet, I suggest we form a team and start working on it.

And so Aleks, Urška, Jure and others joined me in a group that is today known as Mozilla Slovenija. A few months later Mozilla Application Suite was released in Slovenian for the first time and Mozilla browser market share in Slovenia started growing from initial 1% to almost 50 % five years later. Gerv even proposed a World Slovenia Day!

10 years later, Firefox still maintains almost 50% market share in Slovenia and I’m still working on Firefox localization. But when I sent that email 5 minutes before going out with my friends (I was 17 and it was Friday) I had absolutely no clue it will change my life significanlty.

I’ve made friends with many, I’ve had the privilege to learn from the best, I work for Mozilla as a l10n driver and I love this community!

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