The third Balkans Inter-Community meet-up took place last weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria. As Chofmann pointed out, none of the participants got recruited by anyone, we got inspired by the work of people at Mozilla, so it’s important that we document our events and activities. Here’s my contribution to this.

I gave a talk on the current state of Pontoon. To my surprise, many localizers didn’t even know that this projects exist, which proves such talks (and blog posts) neccessary. I was really happy with the amount of feedback I got and I’d like to thank Gandalf who helped me collecting it. Following are some of the suggestions from audience.

Pre-Pontoon talk with Vito and Nino

QA mode. Many locales have more than one localizer working on the same project, so we have to find a way for more experienced ones to review, approve and reject translations from others. It’s always good to have someone proofread your work.

Filters. Maintaining control over who localized what and when will be useful together with batch operations. We should make it easy to show all suggestions made by one guy or remove everything that the other guy did, because it’s spam.

HTML translations. Source view icon next to the save and cancel icon should provide a way for a localizer to make changes to content that is not visible on a website, like href attributes in anchors.

Many other suggestions were given like support for glossaries, translations versioning, selecting entity in bottom bar should scroll to the entity in WYSIWYG, tab or ctrl+tab shortcut to go through untranslated entities, etc. And it doesn’t even stop here.

I’m happy to see people getting involved with Pontoon by giving us so much feedback. In Sofia I decided to setup a dedicated wiki page that will enable us to track all the feature request. It will be announced on this blog soon.

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