I haven’t bloged about Pontoon for months and there’s no excuse for that. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t keeping us busy.

In case you forgot, Pontoon is a website localization tool, which provides localizers with features never before seen in an open source website localization tool: WYSIWYG context and in-place editing.

Many things have changed in the last couple of months, including transition to Mozilla server infrastructure and to Playdoh – a web application template based on Django. We also implemented AJAX-based user sign up and sign in using Persona.

Translations are now automatically saved to DB after every change, but you can also manually save your work to a predefined Transifex project. This is particularly useful for sites which cannot be fully localized using in-place string editing.

I’d like to thank the amazing Transifex team who helped me a lot with using their API and even modified it to suit our needs. Special thanks go to Ratnadeep Debnath, who volunteered his time to vastly improve our PO export and is now finishing Django hooks. You rock!

All of this has brought us to the stage where we’re looking for a pilot project. Any not-yet-localized Mozilla website would be appropriate, but not too big in terms of strings to translate and locales to participate. We don’t want to hurt our localizers too much! :-)

Any candidates?