This post is part of a series of blog posts outlining Pontoon development in 2014. I’ll mostly focus on new features targeting translators. If you’re more interested in developer oriented updates, please have a look at the release notes.

Part 1. User interface
Part 2. Backendyou are here
Part 3. Meet our top contributors
Part 4. Make your translations better
Part 5. Get involved

In the first part we focused on frontend. Let’s look at the backend changes now.

Extended revision control system support
All projects we localize at Mozilla store translations using revision control systems, namely Git, Mercurial and Subversion. All of them are now supported in Pontoon. Additionally, Transifex can be used as data store.

Automated synchronization with repositories
Committing to and updating from repositores is counterintuitive. Most translators don’t event understand the concept of revision control. These task are now performed automatically in the background every full hour. Conflicts are resolved silently by allowing upstream to win.

New localization formats
All localization file formats used at Mozilla are supported (e.g. .po, .lang, .dtd. and .properties). You can also use a mix of different formats within your project and they will still work with Pontoon.

Plural forms
If format supports different plural forms, Pontoon will detect that and allow saving translations in all forms available for the locale. Other format-specific features such as fuzzy strings in .po files are also available.

Numbers in green are used as an example number that will replace the variable.

Get involved
Are you a developer, interested in Pontoon? Learn how to get your hands dirty.