This is the last in a series of blog posts outlining Pontoon development in 2014. I’ll mostly focus on new features targeting translators. If you’re more interested in developer oriented updates, please have a look at the release notes.

Part 1. User interface
Part 2. Backend
Part 3. Meet our top contributors
Part 4. Make your translations better
Part 5. Get involvedyou are here

In the past years, Pontoon has come a long way from an idea, a prototype, to a working product. As of today, there’s a dozen of Mozilla projects available for localization in Pontoon. If you want to move it even further, there are plenty of ways to do so.

For localizers
Start learning how things work by looking at the new Pontoon homepage, which is also used as a demo project to be translated using Pontoon. Perhaps you can translate it to your mother language. You can also learn more advanced features.

For developers
Making your website or web application localizable with Pontoon is quick and easy. A simple script needs to be added and you are halfway through. Follow implementation instructions for more details.

Take action
Do you have ideas for improvement? Are you a developer? Learn how to get your hands dirty. It has never been easier to set up development environment and start contributing. We’re on GitHub.