This post is part of a series of blog posts outlining Pontoon development in 2014. I’ll mostly focus on new features targeting translators. If you’re more interested in developer oriented updates, please have a look at the release notes.

Part 1. User interface
Part 2. Backend
Part 3. Meet our top contributors
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Part 5. Get involved

Some new features have been added to Pontoon, some older tools have been improved, all helping translators be more efficient and make translations more consistent, more accurate and simply better.

History tab displays previously suggested translations, including submissions from other users. Privileged translators can pick approved translation or delete the ones they find inappropriate.

The next tab provides automated suggestions from several sources: Pontoon translation memory, Transvision (Mozilla), amagama (open source projects), Microsoft Terminology and machine translation by Bing Translator. Using machinery will make your translations more consistent.

Quality checks
Pontoon reviews every submitted translation by running Translate Toolkit pofilter tests that check for several issues that can affect the quality of your translations. Those checks are locale specific and can be turned off by translator.

Some pieces of strings are not supposed to be translated. Think HTML markup or variables for example. Pontoon colorizes those pieces (called placeables) and allows you to easily insert them into your translation by clicking on them.

Get involved
Are you a developer, interested in Pontoon? Learn how to get your hands dirty.