This post is part of a series of blog posts outlining Pontoon development in 2014. I’ll mostly focus on new features targeting translators. If you’re more interested in developer oriented updates, please have a look at the release notes.

Part 1. User interface
Part 2. Backend
Part 3. Meet our top contributorsyou are here
Part 4. Make your translations better
Part 5. Get involved

Until recently, Pontoon only supported basic statistics, available during project translation. It was impossible to track overall project progress, check locale status or see the most active localizers. This is no longer the case.

Project Overview
You can list all projects available for translation within Pontoon. For each of them, information on the number of total strings is available, as well as translation progress.

Project and locale page
Additionally, a list of all locales enabled for specific project is available by clicking on it in the project overview page. If your locale is not on the list, Pontoon allows you to request it. In a similar fashion, you can track locale progress.

Top contributors
Localization at Mozilla is made possible by army of awesome volunteers. Without their help, the web and Mozilla would not be what it is today. Check out the most active contributors on Pontoon.

User pages
You can check some basic information for each contributor, including stats and timeline of his work. Meet Ayan, top Pontoon contributor!

Get involved
Are you a developer, interested in Pontoon? Learn how to get your hands dirty.