I’m currently working on the back-end functionality of Pontoon, written in Django. It provides API necessary for the client, user authentication, accepts partial and full translations of the document, presents information on the current status of the document’s translation, and synchronizes work between multiple localizers. As stated previously, it covers most of the work that has to be done before releasing Pontoon to public.

If you see any other showstoppers, let us know! Quickly!

We are also in the process of setting up Pontoon stage environment on Mozilla’s server infrastructure. I’d like to thank the Webdev gang and I’m really excited to meet them at the forthcoming All Hands.

Besides our own server, we are also preparing bindings for Pootle and Transifex, so users will be able to use Pontoon together with these tools. Imagine that you’ll translate most of the strings that appear on the website in-place, using Pontoon, but the rest will be finalized via Verbatim (Pootle). How cool is that?

Oh, and by the way, Pontoon now provides translation memory support, which is collected from all Mozilla product localizations. Give it a try!

Translation memory